Portable Induction Sealing Machine

Portable Induction Sealing Machine

The process of induction sealing welds a laminate seal to the edge of a container.
After the container has been filled and closed with induction seal, it passes under the sealing system.
The Non-contact heating process seals the liner to the container creating an airtight seal.
When applied correctly, induction caps provide an airtight seal that is leak- and tamper-proof.
Using this sealing system It is ideal for extending the shelf life of the product, preserving freshness, preventing leaks and improving the value of the product.
It can be used for various cap sizes without having to change the head.

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Sealing diam
20-100 mm
Power< /dt>
500 W
0-50 pieces/min
220 v50 Hz
5 Kg

Portable Induction Sealing...