EM Pharma is only the latest chapter in a long story

In 1936 the artisan workshop was founded by Leonetto Senesi.

In 1970 The workshop, under the guidance of Roberto Senesi, became a mechanical workshop specialized in the production of mechanical components.

In 1986 The workshop was recognized by the Italian Confederation of Crafts as an ancient artisan workshop.

In 1995 The workshop began producing and marketing on its own behalf machinery for the pharmaceutical sector.

In 2003 The business, passed into the hands of Mario Senesi, became a point of reference for Italian galenic pharmacies.

In 2016 Now in its fourth generation, the business takes a new shape. Sacha Senesi becomes sole director of EM Pharma.

For over 80 years we have been designing, building and marketing lines, machinery and instruments for galenic laboratories and the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries. Our decades of experience allow us to offer a service aimed at satisfying the production needs of each customer. We position ourselves as a reliable partner, following our customers from design to after-sales technical assistance. Em Pharma is an elastic and dynamic reality, "it's not feasible" has never been part of our vocabulary. As far as possible, with humility and sacrifice, we always try to satisfy the requested needs. Our greatest satisfaction is creating an ongoing collaborative relationship.

EM Pharma was born in 2016, from the idea of the founding member Sacha Senesi, the fourth generation working in the sector who wishes to put his skills at the service of those who work in the laboratories of pharmacies and industries.

It offers itself as a partner for pharmacies and laboratories in general, taking advantage of the experience born in 1936 by the first founder Leonetto Senesi. Family management allows it to operate with quality, speed and care of the product and services, providing its customers with a high level of satisfaction.

Our skills are aimed above all at R&D laboratories in the herbal, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical sectors. Being a new company, we offer a customization service and considerable flexibility to be able to satisfy customer needs.

The quality and attention to the regulations of the European Community in addition to the FDA's GMP regulatory compliance, demonstrate the constant commitment to offering the technical and regulatory documentation that produces the certificates necessary for every need such as the IQ protocols , OQ, PQ and other needs.

Mission & Objectives

The skills acquired allow us to plan our work taking into account the economic, social and environmental impact and to offer innovative solutions and technical assistance on laboratory machines and instruments.

Particular attention in solving problems is dedicated to training in collaboration with companies operating in the sector. We are available for any questions, helping to create a true galenic culture.

The know-how acquired by the people who work at EM Pharma affects all production cycles, from the procurement of materials to assembly and shipping. Furthermore, the sales staff will be happy to listen to your requests. The objective set by EM Pharma is to guarantee maximum attention and reliability in all our products and to make them durable products that respect the environment.