Blister Packer EM-BLIST 04

Blister Packer EM-BLIST 04

EM PHARMA code: 201006 Paraf code: 978582435

The blister machine is used to seal packages called blisters containing laboratory preparations which can be tablets or capsules.
The mold for sealing blister packs is composed of a lower mold equipped with 4 stations which accommodates the packages to be sealed.
The lower mold is fixed to a trolley to be inserted first outside the machine for loading the 4 blisters and then inside for sealing.

The blisters are available in the following dimensions:

PVC/ALU blister Sizes:< /p>

  • 10 capsules size 00-1
  • 15 capsules size 2-4
  • 15 tablets diam. 12 mm
  • 25 tablets diam. 8 mm
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Power supply
220 Volts
50/60 Hz
350 Watts
Net weight
5 kg
Sealing system
Thermal with resistors</dd >
Temperature control
Analog thermoregulator
Mold capacity
4 simultaneous blisters
Blister material
PVC + Aluminum
Minimum temperature< /dt>
0 °
Maximum temperature
400 °

Blister Packer EM-BLIST 04