Mini Mixer Powder Mixer

Mini Mixer Powder Mixer

EM PHARMA code: 201003 Paraf code: 978582500

Born to meet the needs of pharmacists and small laboratories, the new mixer It represents the essence of simplicity and manageability but confirms qualities of robustness.
Built entirely in stainless steel with polycarbonate covers complying with accident prevention standards, it is simple to use and is activated only by the Start and Stop button.
an internal magnet blocks the machine if the door is opened.
The speed of the V is fixed and performs approximately 80 revolutions per minute.
The V-shaped container is entirely made of stainless steel and is simple and innovative to fill. In fact, the caps at the two ends are screwed allowing for better loading and unloading.
To date we are the only ones to offer this system.

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Machine body
Stainless steel
Overall dimensions</ dt>
10 Kg
1 lt
Electrical power supply
230V single phase
50 Hz
Electrical absorption
40 W dd>
Electrical socket
Polysnap IEC with double fuse
Safety devices
Stop rotation in case of accidental opening of the cover

Mini Mixer Powder Mixer