Benchtop Liquid Machine

Benchtop Liquid Machine

The MSS-17 countertop liquid machine was created to meet the needs of pharmacists and small laboratories.
It can dose from 2 ml up to a maximum of 3500 ml.
It is equipped with a PLC with 7 memory programs which allows you to memorize the filling times and the speed of the liquid jet.
The machine is also equipped with the anti-drip function which allows it to have an error rate of less than 0.5%.
The machine can work continuously by programming the pause seconds to allow the operator to change bottles.
For further convenience, filling can also be activated by a pedal control which allows you to have your hands free.

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Power supply
220 Volts AC
500 W
50/60 Hz
30 Watts
0.22 Ampere
Net weight
5.5 Kg
MIN/MAX dose
Memory function without electricity
Anti-drip function
Error rate
Maximum separation distance
2 meters
Maximum range
3.2 L/min

Benchtop Liquid Machine