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Benchtop Automatic Labeler

Benchtop Automatic Labeler

Technical parameters of the machine:

  • Labeling speed: approximately 0-40 p/min (depending on the product and label size)
  • Labeling accuracy: +/- 1mm (excluding product label and other errors)
  • Bottle dimensions: diam. 20-80mm; height 30-280 mm
  • Applicable labels: length 10/150mm, width 10-80mm
  • Maximum supply of labels: the outer diameter must be within 20 and the inner diameter is 76 mm
  • Voltage 220 V 50 Hz single phase
  • Measures 1000 x 650 x 550 mm height
  • Weight: kg. 70

Technical parameters of the card:

  • Self-adhesive label in roll, internal diameter of the roll 76 mm, external diameter within 300 mm
  • The gap between labels is 2-4 mm, and 2-4 mm is reserved on the bottom paper edge of the label
  • The label backing paper must be glassine paper and must not be cut
  • Labels must be arranged on one line
  • The direction of the marking must correspond to the direction of transport of the product; the marking must be carried out as indicated in figure 3-4 below



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Benchtop Automatic Labeler